FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted a video audition, now what?

We’ll be holding live auditions in December, which will be selected from the video auditions.  If you don’t hear from us by December 15th then unfortunately you will not be moving forward in the process.  Good luck and thank you for submitting a video audition.

What are singers judged on at the finale?  What is the judging criterion?

The judges’ marks make up 2/3 of the final mark to help determine the winner.

Each singer will be judged in three categories.

Performance:  Are they bringing it?  Is the audience entertained?  Is the performer smiling and/or bring emotion to their performance?  Do we get a sense of imagination?  Is their costume and/or clothing right for their act?  Are they using the stage and moving around?

Music Skill:  Pitch, tempo, dynamics, etc.

Speaking:  Are they engaging and connecting with the audience?  Do they have a fun or interesting story?  How are they at answering questions from the host?  Are they speaking clearly?  Do they look confident?


OK so the judges’ marks are 2/3 of the final mark.  How do singers earn the other 1/3 of their mark?

Singers earn points for every workshop they attend.  The points are then added to the judges’ scores. We hope all singers will attend all workshops so they will all have full points.


When are the workshops and finale?

Workshops are on the 2nd Saturday of the month in January, February and April.   -   Seniors 10am to noon.  Juniors 1pm to 3pm. (Brooklin)

Note: The March workshop has been moved to March 2nd (1st weekend) due to March break.

The Finale is on Saturday May 11th (time tbd) and a rehearsal with the band takes place on Friday May 10th in the evening. (Brooklin)


Who will we be learning from at the workshops?

Our workshop guests are music and entertainment industry professionals.  Due to their busy schedules we can’t always confirm availability this far in advance – so stay tuned for some exciting announcements each month.

Guests we’ve had in the past include: Dan Clancy, Lighthouse; Justin Hines, Dave Baksh, SUM 41; Neil Donell, Chicago; Sacha Visagie, country music artist; Cadence Grace, Runaway Angel; Kate Todd, actress; and many more…


Durham’s Best was open to dancers and bands last year.  Is that happening again?

We always like to try new ideas and added some new categories in addition to our singing category (which has been going strong since 2004).  Unfortunately there were only a handful of submissions for the dance and band categories, as such we're not able to run them again this year.  If you’re interested in seeing these or any other categories in the future please drop us a line through our contact form.  If there’s enough interest, we would be happy to try again.


Special thanks to our partners that help make this program possible.

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